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At Abyssinian Flight Services we strive to deliver quality, consistency and the highest level of professionalism to our customers


Aerial Survey /Photography

With so much to explore in all aspects of the Ethiopian Investment arena be it in large scale farming, road construction, oil and ...


Pilot Training School

Probably one of the biggest achievements of the past twelve years of Abyssinian Flight Service’s existence is our establishing the first and only private Pilot Training ...


Welcome to Abyssinia Flight Services plc

Welcome to the Abyssinia Flight Services plc. 14 years have passed since Abyssinia Flight Services was formally launched as the First Certified Air Charter Company in Ethiopia. That was on April 1999. During the last 14 years, we have witnessed the impact we could make in the economic and social advancement of Ethiopia by making areas accessible that otherwise had no ground mode of transport let alone air service.

For years our service has proved to be a lifeline in response to the drought situation in the country transporting hundreds of aid workers and relief personnel to many parts of the affected areas of Ethiopia.

We have also been instrumental in transporting several potential investors to many parts of the country we also have the privilege to fly for companies engaged in oil exploration, geophysical survey, and aerial photography. We have been timely responding to our customers need for medical evacuation.

The services that we rendered and the positive impacts it is having on the promotion of the social and economic growth prompted us to establish and develop a much-needed private pilot training school and General aviation services in Ethiopia. The school was established in 2006.

Because there is only one flying school in the country which is mainly preoccupied with the training of company pilots, we felt the setting up of an affordable alternative private pilot training school was a big step towards the development of general aviation which is practically non existent in the country.

Today our dream has come true and we are happy to congratulate the fourth batch of pilot graduates from the First and only Private Pilot Training school in Ethiopia.

Latest Events at Abyssinia

Abyssinian is to welcome three new additional aircraft, ET-ASB, ET-ASD and ET-ASF (Two Cessna 172s and a Diamond DA42NG) for its Pilot Training School. The welcomin...


Motivational Speaker Jessica Cox Recently flew with Abyssinia’s Managing Director Capitation Solomon Gizaw in our own Diamond Twin Engine Air craft. As the world’s fi...


Currently two of our C 208 Grand Caravans are on a dedicated service and another one on a replacement service to UN Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS). The company had to...


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